14" and 20" are for the young tots ready to get out on the pitch. Watch the kneecaps! Size 3 sliotars or Go Games Recommended.

Price $20

24", 26", 28" are made from ash that flairs out at the bas for added strength. Use Size 3 or Go Games sliotars for ages 5-8 and size 4 sliotars for the bigger kids.

Price $23.50


30" and 32" are now made from ash that flairs out at the bas for added strength. Use size 4 sliotars.

Price $27

Sold Out!


Sizing: The average GAA intercounty player is 5'11" and uses a 35" Hurl. A player probably shouldn't use a 37" unless they are over 6'4".



34", 35", 36", and 37" are made from ash that flairs out at the bas for added strength. Men use size 5 sliotars, women a size 4.

Price $33


Try a Cultec here


Price $35

Price $40

Junior and Youth Bulk

Please contact us regarding your order and we will give you a prompt quote.




Choose from Senior 34, 35, 36, or 37s or custom sizes. Excludes goal sticks. 

Just place an order and remember to specify sizes or concerns.

12 Senior Hurls-$31 each.

12 Banded Senior Hurls-$32 each.


The Club Starter (Second Grade Hurls)

Need a set of hurleys to get the sliotar rolling in your area, or to accommodate growth? These hurleys have either defects or spiced-in segments that are good for the new hurlers. They are sold in half-dozens and range in size randomly from 34-36s.


Hurley Care


Bulk Grips (24) (Assorted Colors)

Price $86

#1 in Ireland Karakal Duo Hurling Grips. These PU hurling grips are the top of their class. Choose from Assorted Colors.

Price $5



PVC Wrap
Protect your hurl by wrapping the neck above the bas. This adds support and prevents a compound fracture along the shaft.

Price $3

Linseed Oil

J. O' Coigligh Family's Linseed Oil. This Oil dries extra slowly to allow more absorption into the wood, locking in the moisture value. 3-4 days drying time per application. 4 oz bottle.  

Price $3 



Mending Bands

12 bands made extra pliable by firing. Thinnest on the market. Please consult The North American  Hurley Care Manual here

Price $12

*If you are a Canadian citizen, please email us your order and address and we will send you a Paypal invoice including shipping.

American Hurling Company

*Offer good to the contiguous U.S. states.

The Greater Trochanter on your side is the place to mark (where the femur connects to the ...hip bone...and the...)

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Special Orders: Contact us regarding special sizes and goal sticks.

Click here to see the The North American Hurley Care Manual. This page is under construction. BULK